For the exhibition I shall have one monitor playing the main video piece, that shows each stage. On either side of this I shall have two monitors displaying the most effective stage of the video. I would like each piece to be mounted on AV stands and placed in a row in the installation room as I feel this would allow the audience to be as close as possible to the work, much like when attending an art gallery. Placed in front of this I would like a desk with my gear on (including a dismembered VCR player, an audio interface, an induction mic and a laptop), what I find interesting about auto destructive art is as I have mentioned before the way in which the technology can spark interest amongst the audience, meaning they have more than just the art to look at but some of the creative process as well. 

The live set shall consist of a VCR unit being recorded through an induction mic, this shall then be ran through an audio interface and into Logic Pro 9 where I shall be using the pedal board to effect the audio picked up from the VCR player. The effects I shall be using are spring reverb, plate reverb and delay as these were effects used by Lee Scratch Perry, King Tubby and Bunny Lee to “mash down babylon”.


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