Fantasies of Fetishism: From Decadence to The Post Human – Amanda Fernbach – Useful Quotes

“Nanotechnology anticipates the future of cyborgification by promising to one day design tiny devices or miniature machines, just a few atoms in size, to function at an intra-cellular level. For many, synthetic slves and identity morphs are already an everyday reality, thanks to Internet chat rooms, Muds and Moos. It is not surprising that in contemporary Western culture, fantasies of transformation run rife. These fantasies signal an increased cultural fascination with the hybrid technologized body of the future and indicate the physical and conceptual end of the natural body in a world of postmodernism, where crises over a loss of meaning continue to play out with a monotonous regularity. Together with scientific statements and ethical commentary, these collective fantasies form part of a cultural discourse about the future of the human form, the disappearing boundary between the human and the technological, and the cultural consequences of greater human technological integration.”


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