Production Schedule: The Pilot

The Pilot Production Schedule

Week 1

After researching several themes and concepts it is now time to start constructing my pilot. During this first week I shall draw out some designs of my final project and also look at where I should source the equipment.

Week 2

Collect my equipment and practice the process of degrading VHS tapes.

Week 3

Produce a potential soundtrack for the piece.

Week 4

I shall look through videos online in order to decide what video I would like to degrade in my Pilot.

Week 5

Have Video Killed the Radio Star ripped and ready for degrading and then convert from Youtube on to DVD and then on to video.

Week 6

Degrading process, copying process on to DV tape

Week 7 

Put process on DV deck and then capture on to the computer using Premier.

Week 8

Upload process on to Youtube and post on blogs and various social network stations.


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