The Pilot

For my pilot I decided to degrade the music video for The Buggles famous synth pop track Video Killed the Radio Star. I felt that the track would be suited to my Pilot due to the lyrical content being associated with upgrading formats and technology and the consequences involved. Although there shall be other elements to my installation I felt that the video was the most important part to display for the pilot as it sums up the piece’s meanings as a whole.

Degrading the resolution of the VHS proved to be a cheap and resourceful way of lowering the resolution of an image, creating an interesting distorted effect on the image. The images gradually degrade in quality until all colours are saturated and you are left with fizzes of white noise and warped figures. In order to create this imagery all I needed was some VHS players which I borrowed from my parents, videotapes that I acquired off a women advertising on Gumtree, a copy of The Buggles video that I ripped off Youtube and then burned onto a DVD-R and a DV Deck and I was ready to go. The production process was fairly simple, all I had to do was connect the audio/video cable to the input of one VHS player and the other lead going into the output of the other VHS player. I would press record on one video player and then swap the tapes over to record the same images, each stage would be recorded on to a DV Tape using the DV Deck. This process proved to be quite simple, with very little mistakes, however when I tried to capture my footage in Premier, I was unable to capture my footage as one video, because of the short gaps of time in the recording. This shows that trying to use old technology like DV Tapes and DV decks with new technology like the Adobe software Premier can sometimes be problematic. However for some reason when capturing on Final Cut Pro, it captured the video as a whole. I wanted to leave the gaps in between the videos as I felt it broken feel of the piece I also like the way that towards the end of the degradation the images gradually flutter through the blue screen. 


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