For my final project I aim to produce a provocative video art installation that could be perceived in various different ways. The video presented in the installation shall gradually degrade in quality, until eventually you are left with a completely distorted image that has lost all colour and structure. In one way this could be seen as a representation of people moving away from old technology and on to new technology and the feeling of being left behind and unable to keep up in a world that is very quickly upgrading. However another analysis could suggest that the images shown are displaying the loss of identity that comes from our obsession with media, meaning that if our opinions or conversation are constantly edited, eventually we will just become a lifeless slave to the machine, unable to generate our own true thoughts on life. There shall be a soundtrack playing as a separate entity throughout the installation, this music is inspired by the industrial music of the 1970’s where groups such as Throbbing Gristle created music that simulated the sounds of factories and industrialisation in order to create music that tapped into the human psyche and emulated the feelings of being trapped in a machine. However although this music connotes the ideas of fear, paranoia and dread it also was a great way of using new and old technologies to create a new sound, which I think should be seen as a positive and forward thinking way of utilising technology. Separate from the degrading video and the soundtrack, shall be a VHS Player with a contact microphone resting against it, when placing a contact microphone against a metal object vibrations are amplified. The top shall be removed from the VHS player (replaced with a plastic cover for safety reasons) in order to allow the viewer to see its mechanics, the user will then be given a set of headphones to listen to the vibrations that are being amplified by the contact microphone. This shall hopefully give the participant the feeling of being a product of a machine by listening to its mechanics. The installation room shall be decorated with the black tape reel found in music cassettes and VHS tape, I feel that decoration is key as I would like the participants to think they are stepping in to an unknown place (rather than just a bare un-interesting room).


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